Reza Memari

In production | Animated Feature | HD

Canadian Sales : Maison 4:3


Teenage humpback whale VINCENT is the orphaned son of the last Whale Singer whose mystical song protected the oceans until his tragic death in Vincent’s early childhood. When the monstrous Leviathan breaks free from a melting iceberg and threatens to annihilate all marine life with its poisonous ink, Vincent is the only one capable of stopping it – by following his father’s footsteps and finding his own song.

But doubting his ability, Vincent embarks on a dangerous mission to the deepest sea to bring back his father from the mythical “Star Pool” so that he can defeat the Leviathan. With the help of his devoted suckerfish “manny” Walter, and Darya, a rambunctious, deaf orca girl, Vincent must embrace his destiny as the new Whale Singer and save the oceans with his song.

Written by : Reza Memari
Directed by : Reza Memari et Steven Majaury
Production : Maite Woköck (Telescope Animation), Fanny-Laure Malo (La Boîte à Fanny), Jiri Mika (PFX)

Animation Director
Steven Majaury
Production Designer
Sebastian Gadow
Character Design
Gerlinde Godelman, Olivier Kurth (based on designs by Uwe Heidschötter)
Animation Studio (Canada)
Agora Studios