Marie-Hélène Viens & Philippe Lupien

2013 | Fiction | 9 min | HD


Today is Bernard’s birthday, but he’s not happy about it. In a world where adults are selfish and careless, his parents keep him away from the innoncence of childhood. Bernard does not want to grow up if he becomes like them. He proudly wears his anti-growing suit to face the adult world. Today is Bernard’s birthday, but there is no way he’s turning 10.

Written & Directed by: Marie-Hélène Viens et Philippe Lupien
Production: Fanny-Laure Malo (La Boîte à Fanny)
Executive Production: René Malo

Eliott Miville-Deschênes, Louise Laparé, Carmen Sylvestre, Jean-Michel Paré, François Lambert, Jean Archambault, Megan Thomas, Rebecca Miville-Deschênes & Polo
Gilles Renaud
Olivier Gossot
Production Design
Madeleine Plante
Set Decoration
Joanie Bourque
Olivier Houde, Jean-François Sauvé & Luc Boudrias
Étienne S. Bergeron
Maxime Éthier
Makeup & Hair
Louanna Rosset
Laurence Gagnon


Awards & Special Mentions

  • Air Canada Award & Mainfilm Award
    Gala Prends ça court!
  • Audience Award
    Festival Plein la Bobine 2014
  • Jury’s Special Mention for Esthetism
    Festival des Films de la Relève 2014
  • Dr Gerald Lamoureux Award of Excellence
    Flickers : Rhode Island Film Festival 2014
  • Best Original Score (Maxime Éthier)
    La Guarimba Film Festival
  • Best Child Actor (Eliott Miville-Deschênes)
    Sapporo Short Film Festival
  • Big Daddy (Family Film Award)
    Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Best International Short Film Award
    Las Vegas Film Festival



  • Regard sur le court-métrage 2014
  • Flickers : Rhode Island Film Festival 2014
  • Seattle International Film Festival 2014
  • Raindance Film Festival 2014
  • Festival de court-métrage international de Clermont-Ferrand 2014
  • Heartland Film Festival 2014
  • Interfilm International Short Film Festival de Berlin 2014
  • HollyShorts Film Festival 2014
  • Fantasia 2014
  • Giffoni Film Festival 2014
  • Edmonton International Film Festival 2014
  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market 2014
  • La Guarimba Film Festival 2014